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This is a photo of the ensemble.p1290179.jpg


Knitting Project

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I have just about finished the purple scarf that I am knitting. I found the pattern on a free knitting pattern site. I will try to add a link to the site with the pattern. The name of the pattern is Two Weeknights With Warrick Worsted Wave Scarf. I’ll let you read about how the pattern got it’s name. My scarf is knitted in very purple yarn, so I am calling my scarf the Royal Wave Scarf.


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I now have music on my blog. I am still working on the look. I still need to get the songspot smaller. But I did manage to figure out how to get the music. I’ll be changing the tunes every once in awhile.


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Charlene wanted to know what projects I am working on. So I thought that I would start posting to my blog. That way I only have to write about what’s going on with me once. And the more that I write the better I’ll get at posting. I hope anyway. Right now I am in a knitting mood and a weaving mood. I am knitting a scarf with yarn that I bought at St. Vincent De Paul’s for a dollar. It’s a skein of purple Wool-Ease by Lion Brand Yarn. A soft, warm blend of Lamb’s Wool and Easy-Care Acrylic. Cheap stuff. I found the pattern for the scarf on the internet. I’ll try to add a link.


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wa-2007.jpgWell, I’ve finally begun my project for next year’s wearable art extravaganza. I have some “junk” warp that I’ll use to weave a prototype of the hat at least. I’m planning on weaving a cape and muff to go with the ouitft as well.

The hat will be a simple pill box style similar to the ones woven by Kay Parker.

The difference with mine will be that I have created a space to weave a strip of fur around the brim side of the hat and instead of wool fabric covering the top of the hat, I will be weaving a top ala a basket bottom. Just like a basket I’ll use the yarn as warp and weft.

I really do hate this “junk” yarn, for weaving that is. The yarn would make a great knittedsomething. The yarn I purchased was Reynolds Bulky Lopi which is a 100% virgin wool. Made in Iceland.

Initially, I bought the Lopi to use for a different weaving project. I was going to recreate a robe I had seen at the Burke Museum. More about that robe at a later date.

I have cut 115 warp ends @ 12 inches long. I’ve hung the warp ends on a wire circle that I made to fit the size of my head, which is 23 inches in circumference. Big head.

I’ll close for now.

p.s. Writing is hard.